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I am the creator of my life

Premium quality all-natural Soy wax blend candle (16 oz. jar) and tiger eye beaded bracelet. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil- Stimulates the root chakra, soothing the mind and soul allowing to connect with the divine.

Rosemary Essential Oil-  Increases focus, connects you with your intuition and self-identity. It also activates the solar plexus chakra giving you access to your personal power.

Lemon Essential Oil- Balances the solar plexus chakra, enhances your overall wellbeing. Purifies the mind, body, and soul uplifting your energy. 

Tiger eye: Connects the solar plexus and third eye chakra clearing any imbalances. Inspires you to feel like the most powerful, confident version of yourself.

Solfeggio frequency 528Hz known as the miracle note for blessings is played during the making process.


I act in alignment with my values regardless of circumstances.

  • Natural Tiger Eye Round Bead 6mm 
  • Available sizes: 6" / 6.5" / 7"/ 7.5"/ 8"