MOM Candle and Labradorite Heart Bracelet

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Especially hand poured for MOM

To my superhero, teacher, friend, secret keeper. Thank you for being my heart's first home.

Premium quality all natural Soy wax blend.

Solfeggio frequency 528Hz known as the miracle note for blessings is played during the making process.

Rosewood Essential Oil- Derived from the trunk of a deep rooted tree, it’s grounding abilities are associated with the root chakra.  Promotes and balances feminine energy lifting spiritual beauty. Invokes a great sense of calm and empowerment.

Lavender Essential Oil- Opens the crown chakra, aiding in balancing all chakras of the body with the relaxation state of being. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil- Balances the sacral chakra. Allows you to experience love freely and fully, to embrace your desires, and to be your authentic self without fear.

Labradorite- A stone that reminds us that anything is possible. Opens the Crown chakra encouraging you to go after what you truly desire without limitations.

16 oz Glass Jar 


I know my purpose and I will make my dreams come true.

  • Natural Labradorite Round Bead 4mm
  • Available sizes: 6" / 6.5" / 7"/ 7.5"/ 8"