What is Toxic Positivity?

It's certainly easy to remain positive and on a high vibration when things are flowing and going well, that's the goal.

To keep in the flow of the Universe, vibrating high and and constantly taking aligned actions. However, this is not real life, we need to get comfortable with the fact that this is all a work in progress.

No one is perfect, and things happen every single day that will try to knock you off your aligned energetic flow. You will falter, you will misstep, that is part of the journey. Bring yourself back to what is important. Being able to stop, recognize what is happening and simply saying no. Re align yourself and keep going.

By having a positive strong mind, it will ensure that you are prepared and ready to rise above the things that might get in your way. Knowing that each obstacle or change within the day is put there for a reason. To strengthen your faith in the universe and in yourself. 

Even the most aligned and high vibrating people will always have an off day. A day when you feel disconnected, don't get down on yourself in these moments. Flow through them. Feel the emotions, ride the waves. 

There is something called toxic positivity. I only heard about this term recently and it was jarring. I realized I was doing this. Ignoring my true emotions and pushing them down for the sake of being positive. That is not the answer here. The answer is to FEEL in order to GROW. 

Let yourself go through whatever emotion you need to feel, and then come back to yourself. Pushing feelings and emotions down and faking it is not the healthy way to become the best version of yourself. 

Love & Light