Trusting Your Intuition

What is intuition, and how do we strengthen it?

That feeling in your gut when you know something is simply not right. A feeling when you walk into a room and the energy is off, or you meet someone and you just feel uneasy around them only to find out later they were up to no good. THAT is intuition. We all have it, it's a matter of feeding it that makes it grow. 

I always struggle with distinguishing between my intuition and fear. How I connect to my intuition is I grab specific crystals that open up my Third Eye. 

Lapis Lazuli




These stones in particular can help boost your natural intuitive gifts, like I said you simply have to feed your Third Eye. It's like a muscle the more you work it the more it grows. 

You can either create a grid with these crystals during meditation by placing one on either side of your head, one at the top and one directly on your third eye.

You can also simply place one of these directly on your third eye during a meditation. 

Once you are in a meditative state, calm and relaxed that is when you can dive into the question you have for yourself. The fact that you are in such a calm and spiritual state you are able to decipher what your intuition is telling you.

In that moment you have no fear, whatever download you receive is the clear answer. By continually coming back to this space to find answers your intuition in everyday life will grow in ways you never thought possible. 

Love & Light