Spiritual Awakening; What is it?

It is becoming more and more mainstream the idea that someone is on a spiritual journey or is experiencing a spiritual awakening.

We are all on a journey, however if you are here reading this I would say you have already begun to wake up.

Urban dictionary defines a spiritual awakening as follows: "spiritually aware of the universe and [its] direct metaphysical connection to one’s own being and the connection it has to all life forces.”

It simply means you are more aware of your energy and the power you have over yourself and the world around you. The fact that you have the ability to live a life greater than you ever thought possible, by embracing what you already have.

A spiritual awakening is personal to everyone, there is no one way to find yourself on this new path.

I will list some of the ways I knew that I was on this journey:

1. You will begin to notice more "coincidences" or "synchronicities" in your life. This is the universe trying to show you that they are with you, co-creating with you.

2. Angel numbers being repeatedly shown to you; 11:11 3:33 2:22 and so on. It will show up randomly throughout your day sometimes multiple times a day. I see it as a wink from the universe.

3. People or situations will begin to inexplicable leave your life.

4. Similarly, people or situations that bring you new opportunities will come into your life right when you need it most.

There are many ways to expand on this journey, the first step I took when I realized I was waking up to something was Reiki. I decided to find a local Reiki master and book an appointment. It was a way to not only heal my chakras but to gain a little more insight into myself. This really helped me in being able to open my third eye.

If you are just starting your journey and ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask! I'd be more than happy to offer any insight I can.

This is an exciting time, your life is about to change in the best ways possible.

My entire life, I just wanted to feel genuine joy and happiness. I am so grateful to my spiritual journey and my connection to the divine to be able to experience life in this new way.

I am so excited for you!

Love & Light