Raise Your Vibration

What does it mean to raise your vibration? 

There are different types of frequencies when it comes to what you are currently attracting into your universe. My goal every day is to try and vibrate as HIGH as possible.  

Vibrating high means being on a positive frequency where things like for example a traffic jam, or a mistep in your day doesn't completely ruin what you had going.  

The key is to get out ahead of it. Start your day with a morning ritual! 

For example mine is:  

I wake up, make myself a cup of coffee look out the window and notice the beauty of the sky.  

Head to the living room and enjoy my coffee while looking out the window.  

Make the bed, get my workout stuff on and do my workout followed by a meditation. 

It's easy to be in a high vibration when everything is going RIGHT, the key is to stay in that vibration when things maybe aren't going as planned.  

It's the small things throughout the day that help me personally stay on track.. throwing on a good song and dancing it out, going outside for even just a minute and looking up at the sky. It really makes a big difference in your energy.  

Another way I like to raise my vibration is when im feeling low ill text 3 people how much I love them and what they mean to me. It really just sets off such an amazing chain reaction of positive energy.  

Gratitude is a huge way to shift your vibration, there is so much to be grateful for in your life. Sometimes it's hard to see or feel but it's really right in front of you. If you are really having a hard time finding something to feel grateful for take it back to basics. Your ability to breathe with ease, your morning coffee, the sunshine.  

Every day is not going to be easy but it is going to have beauty in it, you just have to look for it.  

I'd love to hear from you and how you stay vibrating high in the comments, let me know!