Mother's Day Local Gift Guide

As a woman owned local small business I am honoured to be able to share this list with you.

Your soul chose your mother before you even arrived in your physical body. You picked her! 

Show her love and gratitude every single day, but especially on Mother's Day.

Watch her light up and smile big when you shower her with a gift from one of these locally owned hard working women owned business'. 

1. All My Love Clays - 

Each piece is hand crafted and hand designed, you can personalize it just for her!

2. The Bomb Appetit Mtl-

Beautiful, stunning and delicious! The perfect tasty gift for mom.

3. You Had Me At Cadeaux- 

The Peachy Love package is part of their Mother's Day Collection. Her gift boxes are so beautiful and well thought out. So creative! 

4. OOAK By Sarah-

Her shadow box frames are so stunning and different! Each one is customizable and is guaranteed to make your mom smile. 

5. Zen By Zoe Boutique X Blonde Collection - 

This is our Mother's Day Candle and Bracelet. Thoughtfully crafted with MOM in mind. The stone featured in both the candle and bracelet is Labradorite. A stone that reminds us that anything is possible. It encourages you to go after what you truly desire without limitations. 

Love & Light