How To Begin A Conversation with the Universe

Two and a half years ago is when it really began. I was going through a hard time, I felt lost and truly like I had no control of what was happening around me. Usually the universe shows itself to you in times of need, it's a matter of building on that first interaction which will inevitably grow your connection. 

I felt so out of control so I decided to head to a tarot reader to try and gain some control that I thought I had over what was happening to me. What I realize now is at the time the universe was trying to guide me to my highest path, but unfortunately at that point I just wasn't ready to listen. 

However, if I hadn't gone to this tarot reader I wouldn't have had my first connection to a crystal. The tarot reader could visibly see I was distraught and was so kind and sweet she gifted me with a Rose Quartz crystal. I felt instantly calm the second I held it and I knew it was meant to find me. 

This was my first time where I felt I was getting a hug from the Universe. I was definitely grateful for that experience. I didn't realize the journey I was about to embark on. 

Truly that Rose Quartz crystal is what genuinely got me through that difficult moment in time. I held it tightly every single night I really don't think I would have gotten through that without it. 

Looking back I am grateful for that time for it brought me on to a new path which I was always meant to be on.

Love & Light