We are so excited for our first ever POP UP event that we have organized with Blonde Collection. 

We have found some amazing local owned business' that exude the most incredible energy. 

Everything they create is with passion and love! 

When: Saturday June 12 & Sunday June 13

Time: 11am-6pm

Where: 53 Rue De Bellechasse 


1. All My Love Clays 

All my love clays is dedicated to making affordable, beautiful, handmade clay jewelry, accessories and home decor.

Everything is made with love and with you in mind. Most of our collections are small batched because we like making one of a kind jewelry.

Everyone is different so why have the same jewelry as everyone else?

2. Broken Art MTL

The purpose of Broken Art is to create beautiful works of art by repurposing broken objects.

Once an object no longer serves its purpose, instead of throwing it away, it is transform to fulfill a new purpose.

Broken Art reminds us that we’re all a little broken but at the same time all beautiful in our own ways. That’s what makes us unique.

It’s all about the materials you are made of and what you can do with that, rather than what the world has shaped you into.

3. Wearable Art by Mya

My passion for art started in childhood, any opportunity I had to create I would take it even Coloring on my mother’s white walls !

With my wearable art designs I’ve been able to combine my love for painting and my love for fashion .

Each piece is one of a kind and is a pure expression of my artistic nature. 

4. Christina's Creations

We are a personalized gift shop that offers unique hand crafted resin creations. From coasters to notebooks, anything you can think of can be made.

Each piece is made with you in mind and is a one of a kind.

5. Blonde Collection

Blonde is about consciousness and the journey of your inner self.

Every Blonde creation is inspired by an intention in which materials are then carefully selected to bring that specific intention to life.

The goal is to align the mind, body and soul in order to bring you closer to your self.

The desires that live within us are meant to shine through our being.

6. Zen By Zoe Boutique

We are a spiritual boutique that is meant to stand along side you while you walk upon your spiritual journey. 

Wherever you are on this path, we are here to guide and support you. 

Whatever you need to strengthen your goddess energy and power we will provide it for you. 


1. One Of A Kind by Sarah

OOAK by Sarah is one of kind gift shop, where each items are unique in their own ways.

I am looking to make pretty things and make people happy.

Customizing is my way to find out who people are!

2. AKA Boutique

Boutique AKA is a family-owned business and the inspiration behind the name is that we all have that nickname that stuck with us and been called “aka this” or “aka that” once in our lives.

The great part about this name, they are the initials of our children. We make our designs from scratch and with love.

We would like to help create your vision and bring it to life.

At the same time, we want to create a community where we can all spread positivity, kindness, inspiration, empowerment one Tee a time.  

Thanks for the love! 💖 #wearwhatyoufeel www.boutiqueaka.com

3. Summerly 

Summerly by Maria is about fun unique handmade bags with vegan leather and cork leather.

The main goal is to find sustainable materials and ethically sourced to bring you accessories and bags that matches your personal style for a daily look or a special occasion.

My bags and accessories also make for the perfect personalized gift for a loved one.

I work together with clients to bring to life any project you have in mind by selecting together from a variety of fabrics and designs.



4. Himmelblau Soaps

Himmelblau is a local woman-owned, artisanal soap business, created in 2015.

All recipes are uniquely formulated and integrate botanicals from the Himmelblau garden.

The carefully created, completely natural handcrafted artisan soaps are made in small batches.

Every bar of soap is unique, cut and stamped by hand, cured for 4-6 weeks and made with lots of  💗 . www.himmelblau.ca

5. Blonde Collection

6. Zen By Zoe Boutique

We can't wait to see you, the vibes are going to be immaculate!

Love & Light

Zoe + Blonde