• I align my consciousness with the source of all life

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Chakra Experience


Our Intention

ZEN BY ZOE was created with the intention to guide people along their spiritual journey, to bring them closer to their aligned self. 

The goal at ZEN BY ZOE is to walk along side you while you grow and change into the person you were destined to be. 

ZEN BY ZOE is here to support you during your spiritual awakening and help you in creating connections between the physical and non physical realms.  

Your soul chose YOU for that alone, you are worthy. 

Love & Light 



The Journey

I want to start off by saying welcome, and I hope you are feeling absolutely glorious today!  

Zen by Zoe was a long time coming.

When I was young I always thought I was destined for something big in my life, something more than I could see or understand; I simply didn't know what or how. 

 Over the last few years I've found a new sense of purpose in my life, that I always knew was there but never had access to.  

The spiritual journey is not one that ever ends, simply keeps evolving.  

This is part of mine, sharing with you the beauty that is crystal healing and crystal jewlery and all that comes along with it.  

Learning about it and hopefully sharing it with others as I go.  

Thank you for jumping on this journey with me.

Lets go goddess!